Obstetrics and Gynecology

Obstetrics and Gynecology is the area of specialization in medicine where the concentration is on the care of the mother both during the period of her pregnancy and post delivery. This area primarily deals with the health and well being of female reproductive organs and the management of obstetric complications. In certain cases, this may also involve surgery.

The training takes place through a program that combines both these disciplines and the length varies from country to country with each country having its own program. You can learn more about this from Wikipedia.

Gynecological Oncology

Talking about this, we can say that it is a specialized field of medical study that focuses primarily on the study of cancer in the female reproductive system. Only specialists trained in this particular field are qualified enough to deal with problems like ovarian, vaginal, breast and cervical cancer.

Education and Training

A gynecologic oncologist is a gynecologist or obstetrician that specializes in the treatment of cancer of reproductive organs in women.

There is a four-year residency program in obstetrics and gynecology following which there is a fellowship in gynecological oncology. This lasts for about two to three years. The training takes care of all the other skills needed for care of ‘women problems’. It also imparts surgical skills in areas like cervix, vagina and uterus surgery. Certain lessons are even imparted in radiotherapy. The certification requires writing an exam and an oral examination.

At the end of this training, we can say that the person is completely adept to offer consultation on any aspect of gynecological cancer. They follow a thorough management of all the resources to lead to a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure necessary for the treatment (read this article for more information on this).

To sum up, the entire necessary education including both the undergraduate and graduate studies takes nearly eight years to complete. The degree awarded is either a M.D or D.O. The graduation follows with a four year residency and a fellowship thereafter. Therefore, we can see that the entire process involves quite a devoted period of study. This is not all because all this is redundant if not followed by an official license. To practice, one needs to have a valid license without which practice is not possible.

Job Opportunities/ Career plans:


After completing the certification and the necessary training and obtaining a license, one can look out for jobs which are plenty. There are options of joining public hospitals. A lot of people these days also prefer private practice, more information of which can be found here.

Apart from this, research is also a lucrative option for the ones who want to go deeper into the subject. Teaching in medical schools is also gaining a lot of momentum and a lot of people go on to take up jobs as professors, which is rewarding in more than one way. All the career options are well paying and rewarding both emotionally and financially. All in all, this is indeed a very lucrative field of study.

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