Study of Breast Cancer

Studying medicine and building a profession in the field is one of the best career options at present. The common perception about medical education is that one studies medicine just to become a doctor. However, this field has much more scope and has developed options far ahead than anyone can possibly imagine.

Studying medicine leads to many career options like being a doctor, a therapist, a nurse or a researcher in the field. There are also possible trainings that lead to a fellowship or residency in the field of medicines. Added to this, a specialization in a certain field of medical studies leads to better career options, as it involves a vast knowledge base and experience regarding a certain disease or medical condition.

Degrees, Courses and Training Programs

Usually in the UK and in USA, a student gets a medical degree in four to five years if the student already holds a degree in some other subject. However, for a specialization in a particular field or disease, a student has to take a M.D/ PhD degree in the respective field, which usually takes six or seven years.  A detailed overview of medical studies in different areas across the globe can be found here.

In this context, therefore, it can also be added that studying medicine and specializing in a field like that of breast cancer can prove a very wise and apt choice today. The field of research with regards to breast cancer is growing more and more complicated day by day.

Many leading universities and medical institutions are offering different specialization programs in breast cancer, which include training for breast pathologists, breast radiographers, surgeons and medical and radiation oncologists. Their programs include rigorous training based on the patient’s psychology along with treatments that are used to minimize symptoms and an attempt to make it less painful for the patient.

Studies have shown that the more expert the surgeon is, the better the chances for a breast cancer patient of recovering. Therefore, medical institutions around the world work rigorously to produce some of the best surgeons who are experts in treating the disease and in order that one can provide the apt training for curing breast cancer, there are multiple specialized fellowship programs that have been developed in the field.

More information on the subject is available from the St. Lukes Cancer Connection newsletter,  and the University of Nebraska’s Department of Internal Medicine.